The health is a complete harmony of body, mind and soul. Harmony persisting human phenomenon at the energetic level it was created by God. Understanding of health as the condition of the physical body only, is a mistake - unfortunately on this understandimng is based modern, conventional medicine.

In every aspect of our being, we have influence on our human existence in the Universe - it's mean, also on the health of our physical body. We ourselves and surrounding us alive, intelligent and aware of its existence nature, are creating our earthly existence, bringing together experience needed to improve the Universe. In earthly terms, we can live in health at least 120 years, and it only on us depends. The only condition is a peace, love and harmony..

The Universe it is constantly perfecting himself in perfect harmony and unconditional energetic symbiosis (we may say LOVE), living, intelligent and aware of its own existence organism, created by God for the purpose the only known to Him.

All components of that organism that we can embrace our understanding and imagination, ranging from components of the atom to the millions of light-years across infinite space, experiencing each other in a continuous creation.

Also, man and all living organisms in such harmony arose (and still arise) in order to exist and to experience each other on many levels of consciousness. Some effects of these experiences are perceived through our senses, what we perceive as our reality.

.An essential element of the formation and duration of harmony is of course movement. From physics we know that this move is simply a flow of electrons (or information - at the quantum level). Generalizing, we call this: the flow of energy. Mainly, everything is a form of energy, the difference is a frequency. At least it is our general understanding.

We the humans - are one of the many elements of this wonderful creation, which is the visible Universe and everything else invisible, which we can not experience by our human Senses. Perhaps these elements, cooperating harmoniously with each other, and quite possibly, forming another, aware of its existence organism, much bigger than our body? It is of course possible, because the Universe is not some kind of soulless machinery controlled by someone - it is rather an organism of which we are inseparable elements, having in addition the ability of creation.

Looking at ourselfs in the mirror, we see only the body. The other part of our holistic, human structures remains invisible, however on this invisible level it is connected with the whole Universe.

That connection, which is the essence of our existence in the Universe, we can only experience on certain level of consciousness.




Healing is the natural processes occurring in the holistic structure of the human body (and other living organisms), aimed at restoring its original, perfect harmony as created by God.

This is done spontaneously, according to the program by the Creator himself, recorded in the information field of our perfectly created by Him energetic structure. The manifestation of these two invisible elements in our earthly reality, it is our material body.

It is our body which is experiencing harmony and disharmony of the whole human energy structure and what we have the opportunity to experience through our Senses. As a result, we feel energetic harmony as wellness and disharmony as a disease. Obviously, both of them depend on us - this means that from the moment when our heart starts beating until reaching perfection and enlightenment ("Rainbow Body") we do create our multi-step life in terms of its quality.

In the Tibetan tradition everything is seen through the prism of five elements which are: earth, water, fire, air and space. All of them work in energetic symbiosis and harmony and each one of them has an impact on that symbiosis and harmony. When this happens, the person is experiencing well-being, or health and happiness. Achieving this is the goal of natural healing practices used by local doctors and therapists using the power of the five elements. One of them, having probably the greatest impact on the human body is water, because the man is composed of water.

In the Western world, where Tibetan tradition is not much known, to restore the health of a man are used medical practices called treatments. These are just medical doctors procedures, using appropriate drugs and equipment designed to help in restoration of the balance (homeostasis) of the human organism. The problem is that the most of these healing practices are focused more on controlling the disease rather than the elimination of its causes.

Any, even the most dangerous disease is curable! But if you persist in utter disbelief of the existence of your divine power to heal or if you are spiritually enslaved, emotionally intimidated and mentally manipulated by the minions of Great Pharma, do not be surprised that you will not be healed - Al Paul 

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